Massy Academy, more than just a football club

Welcome to Massy Academy, a football club that's more than just sports. We strive to transcend our athletic mission, focusing on a broader purpose.

Our ambitions aren't merely confined to nurturing sports talents. We are deeply committed to molding well-rounded individuals, who can excel not only on the football field but also in their lives off the pitch.

At Massy Academy, we take into account every facet of our players' development. Each component is vital to maintain a perfect balance:

The Social dimension, cultivated through the Pass'Sport Citizen and Pass'Sport Cultural programs
The Academic dimension, supported by methodological guidance and homework assistance
The Health dimension, underscored by promoting awareness about the dangers of junk food
The Athletic dimension, fostered by instilling values like the love of effort, self-improvement, and the ambition to continually push boundaries and aim higher...

The 4 Dimensions

Athletic Dimension

At Massy Academy, we place utmost emphasis on our players' athletic development. We firmly believe in the importance of providing a high-quality training environment, professional guidance, and effective tools to support their athletic growth.

Image of young football player running after a ball

Intensive and regular training

We offer three 2-hour training sessions per week, supervised by skilled and experienced coaches. These training sessions are carefully designed to improve the technical, tactical, and physical skills of our players. We strive to establish an encouraging and inspiring setting that allows our players to reach their maximum potential.

Image of football training equipment

High-quality supervision and top-notch equipment.

We place a strong emphasis on the quality of our coaching and equipment. Our coaches are highly qualified professionals with specialized knowledge in nurturing young players. Furthermore, we are committed to constantly investing in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our training sessions are not only effective and safe but also more enjoyable for everyone involved

Image of a football coach showing information in his notebook to young kids surrounding him

Individualized monitoring and diversified methods

We highly prioritize the standard of our instruction and the quality of our equipment. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with a specialized knowledge in nurturing young talent. In addition, we constantly invest in cutting-edge equipment to ensure effective, safe, and more enjoyable training sessions.

Image of a pen, a keyboard, and a paper with charts on it

Collective and Individual Quarterly Review

We conduct quarterly evaluations to assess the collective progress of the team and individual progress of each player. These reviews allow us to provide detailed and constructive feedback to each player, identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. This strategy fosters ongoing development and assists them in reaching their objectives.

Image of a young football player wearing a different team's jersey

Ready to join higher-level clubs

As a youth sports club, we recognize the crucial role we play in equipping our athletes for the higher levels of competition. We take an active role in endorsing our gifted players to elite clubs and professional training programs, thus smoothing their path towards higher-level opportunities. We are proud of our ability to prepare our players to integrate into these structures and further their sports growth.

At the Massy Academy, we are committed to providing our players with a stimulating and quality sports environment. We believe in the value of the overall development of each player.

Social Dimension

Our social commitment goes far beyond the football field. We launch a range of programs aimed at enhancing personal growth, promoting active citizenship, and providing assistance to their families.

Image of young football player running after a ball

Citizen's Pass

At the Massy Academy, we believe that exposure to public, private, and sports organizations is crucial in nurturing informed and proactive citizens.We organize visits and meetings with public, private, and sports figures providing our athletes with insights into the workings of these institutions and exposing them to successful role models.

In addition, we promote the active exercise of citizenship by supporting initiatives like community volunteer work and local engagement activities.

Image of a group of young kids from the Massy Academy sitting on the stairs in front of a museum

1 Month, 1 Theme

We regularly address current and future topics. Each month, we select a relevant subject, such as solidarity, entrepreneurship, or other social, economic, or environmental issues.

We organize practical workshops to allow players to deepen their understanding of the theme and develop their skills.

In addition, we encourage participation in concrete actions in partnership with local organizations, thus giving players the opportunity to actively contribute to change.

We also promote interaction with industry professionals related to the topic at hand with an aim to inspire aspirations and broaden horizons for our participants.

drawing of coffee cup with a title on top of it: Family Café

Family Café

The family plays a central role in the life of our players, and we want to support parents throughout their journey with Massy Academy. Through our "Family Cafe" program, we organize awareness sessions on topics that directly concern them, such as child education, time and stress management, family communication, and so on...

We provide resources and advice to assist them in their requests, whether it's related to education, health, or any other aspect of daily life. Additionally, we guide families towards the right partners and suitable services, in order to support them in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

We at Massy Academy hold a strong conviction that football can serve as an effective instrument to hone not just athletic abilities, but also social, educational, and civic attributes in our youthful players. By passionately dedicating ourselves across these diverse facets, we nurture individuals who are equipped to thrive beyond just the playing field, but in every sphere of their existence

Academic Dimension

At the Massy Academy, we are much more than just a football club. We believe in the importance of taking care of each player in all aspects of their life, including their academic journey. We are proud to offer a comprehensive educational program that supports players in their studies, helps them succeed, and prepares them for a promising future.

Image of four kids sitting and studying together

Methodology coaching

Our dedicated team regularly organizes methodology coaching sessions, offering 3 to 4 sessions per week. Our coaches are there to provide personalized support, teaching players how to effectively organize themselves to complete their schoolwork. In addition, we play a crucial role in guiding struggling students by acting as a warning signal and redirecting them as needed.

Our goal is to harmonize school life and sports life (before hitting the field, the player is encouraged to do their homework first).

Image of a pen, a keyboard, and a paper with charts on it

Consistent tracking of advancements

We place a strong emphasis on tracking the progress of our players. To this end, we organize collective and individual quarterly reviews. This allows us to reflect on the successes and difficulties of each player, and adjust our approach accordingly. We also work closely with our players' teachers, establishing a strong link between the school and the club to ensure smooth communication and effective coordination.

Image of two kids studying on a tablet

Partnerships for Comprehensive Support"

We are also proud to be able to integrate the resources and programs of the CLAS (Local Contract for School Support) and the Educational Success Program into our educational action for young players. Our club coaches work in coordination with the CLAS to offer personalized support, aimed at promoting academic flourishing and the success of our players.

We are committed to supporting players in their academic orientation, helping them find the path that best matches their aspirations and talents.

Image of a football coach showing information in his notebook to young kids surrounding him

An active partnership with families

We are convinced that parent involvement plays a crucial role in our players' academic success. That's why we are committed to supporting and guiding families throughout their journey with Massy Academy. Together, we strive for the success of our young players.

The Massy Academy is fully dedicated to fostering a robust groundwork for the future of our players. We take immense pride in being an integral part of their educational growth, offering individual guidance and continuous monitoring of their improvement. Collectively, we nurture champions, not only within the sports ground but also in life!

Health Dimension

At the Massy Academy, we place paramount importance on our players' health. We strongly believe that good health is essential for their overall development and success both in sports and personal life. That's why we propose a holistic approach to health, implementing various initiatives to meet our players' specific needs.

Image of a medical staff massaging a young player's back

Meeting health professionals

We provide our players with the opportunity to meet health professionals who share their knowledge and experience. These encounters allow players to obtain valuable information on topics such as nutrition, injury prevention, stress management, and other aspects related to their well-being. Players can ask questions, receive personalized advice, and gain knowledge that will help them make informed health decisions.

Image of posters on the human body's anatomy

Health resource point

Our club provides players with a dedicated health resource point. It's a space where they can find useful information on various aspects of their well-being, such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery, and stress management. We offer educational resources like articles, videos, and practical recommendations to assist them in adopting healthy lifestyle habits and taking care of themselves independently.

Image of a coach massaging the injured leg of a young player

Injury prevention

Injury prevention is an absolute priority for us. We implement injury prevention programs that include specific warm-up sessions, muscle strengthening exercises, and advice on proper warm-up and recovery practices. We raise awareness among our players about the risks associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and improper training techniques, and we encourage them to adopt preventive behaviors to minimize the risk of injuries.

Image of a trainer doing squats

Muscle strengthening protocols

Our players have access to tailored muscle strengthening protocols that match their age and developmental stage. These specialized programs aim to enhance muscle and joint strength, boost endurance and resilience while preventing any muscular imbalances. Our top priority is to provide guidance from qualified professionals during these sessions, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.

Image of a trainer stretching


Mobility is a key element of sports performance and overall health. We offer specific exercises and sessions to improve our players' mobility, focusing on flexibility, coordination, and range of motion. These sessions are supervised by specialists who guide the players in performing the exercises and help them develop better mobility, which aids in injury prevention and optimizes their performance.

Image of young kids training

Warm Up

The appropriate warm-up before training sessions and matches is crucial to prevent injuries and enhance performance. We teach our players the proper warm-up techniques, which include dynamic exercises, specific stretches, and mental preparation activities like visualization. We ensure that our players grasp the significance of warming up and that they incorporate these practices before every training or competition.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to our players' health. Our goal is to train players to be healthy, aware of the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and capable of taking care of themselves to achieve their sports and personal goals.

Athletic Social Academic Health